It can be a frightening time when your pet is first diagnosed with a seizure disorder such as epilepsy. It is often valuable to talk to someone with experience about your feelings and what you can expect.

Featured below may be a useful source of further information and may provide contact with owners who have been through the same experiences as you. If you are still uncertain about any aspect of your pet’s treatment then contact your own vet who will be happy to explain things to you again - there is so much to take in that it is often not possible to do it all at the first visit.

1. Canine Epilepsy Network (

The site is provided as a resource for all those concerned with canine epilepsy: owners and breeders of affected dogs, veterinarians, neurologists, and researchers. The Canine Epilepsy Research Consortium is a group of scientists from the Animal Health Trust in the UK and a number of American Universities including Missouri, Minnesota, and Ohio State who are collaborating to:


• share DNA samples, phenotype data, and genotype data.

• share credit for scientific contribution by co-authoring manuscripts.

• put discoveries into the public domain.


This site has an active discussion forum policed by neurology specialists. If you have general questions about your pet’s condition you may be able to find the information you need there. Another useful feature is the searchable database of neurology specialists in the USA, allowing owners and veterinarians to identify a specialist in their area. If you would like your pet seen by a neurology specialist in the UK you will need to ask your own vet to make a referral for you. Your vet will be happy to do this – all you need to do is ask.

2. Canine Epilepsy Resource Center (

This is the website of Epil-K9, the All Breed Canine Epilepsy List, founded in 1996 by Alicia Wiersma-Aylward. It is now co-owned and managed by, Marion Mitchell, Kathi Dvorak, Anne Coventry, Chris Desmedt & Donna Wilt. The purpose of Epil-K9 is to discuss canine epilepsy and seizures. List members are encouraged to ask questions and/or give information on these disorders according to their experiences. The website has been designed to provide a warm, welcoming environment to anyone with a seizuring dog. There is a large and very active list, with members from over 20 countries. In addition there are a number of veterinary neurology specialists on the list who assist in answering questions and providing information.


This website contains some useful information for owners of epileptic dogs and is a valuable resource. There is a chat room for members where you can share your experiences or take comfort from the experience of others.


This website is based in the USA and contains information about buying drugs direct from compounding pharmacists. Owners should be aware that in the UK drugs for treating epileptic pets are only are available from veterinarians or on veterinary prescriptions.

3. Canine seizures (

This is a really well put together owner’s site. There is a lot of sensible and well-referenced information which is updated regularly. If you are a novice carer for an epileptic pet it provides an insight into first-hand experience.

4. Phyllis Croft Foundation (

The Phyllis Croft foundation for canine epilepsy (PCFCE) was founded to bring support and comfort to owners of dogs who suffer from this condition, to raise public awareness and to seek further knowledge/understanding.


The Foundation's principle concern is for the owner. The realisation that one's much loved companion has epilepsy can be a devastating experience. The support, friendship and shared experiences of fellow Foundation Members can play a significant part in giving owners the confidence to manage their dog's epilepsy.


For more information contact:-

Mrs Margaret James (secretary PCFCE), 77 Upland Road, Billericay, Essex. CM12 0LD.

or Mrs M Cliffe, 3 Spring Close, Gt Horwood, Bucks. MK17 0QU.

Email secretary:-  Telephone: 01296 715829

Registered Charity No: 1075076.


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