Introduction to the scheme

One of biggest advances in improving the control of canine epilepsy in recent years has been the more widespread use of monitoring of anticonvulsant levels. Since the introduction of Epiphen in the UK a scheme has been run by Vetoquinol to reduce the costs of sampling for serum phenobarbital levels.


The scheme has three aims to:

Increase awareness of the significance of serum level monitoring of phenobarbital

Assist veterinary surgeons that use Epiphen to help them optimise control of epilepsy in their patients

Generate data for subsequent review of serum phenobarbital levels

How the scheme works

Submission forms can be found in the dispensing packs of both strengths of Epiphen tablets. There is one submission form in a 30mg pack and two submission forms in a 60mg pack.


Types of sample that can be submitted are:

Clotted (plain samples)

Separated serum


Please avoid using serum gel tubes.


The ideal sample needs to be able to provide at least 0.5ml of serum.


Send the blood sample along with the submission forms to the address on the forms.


The laboratory processes samples 6 days a week so in most cases you will get a result on the day the sample arrives at the laboratory.


Results are faxed back to the surgery.


Advice on interpretation of the results is available from Vetoquinol.


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