Huge advances have been made in the field of canine epilepsy but there is still a lot to be learned. Many investigators are actively working in the field. This area of the website will keep you up-to-date with current projects and any new findings.


Aetiology of epilepsy


The Canine Epilepsy Project is a collaborative study into the causes of epilepsy in dogs. The investigators aim to find the genes responsible for epilepsy in dogs so that wise breeding can decrease the incidence of the disease. DNA has been submitted from large numbers of epileptic dogs for current and future analysis.


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Investigation of seizures

Recently, increased access to MR and CT imaging facilities has assisted in the diagnosis of idiopathic epilepsy and definition of other seizure disorders. As more epileptic dogs are referred for complete investigation more underlying causes will be identified which will assist in development of additional treatment options.


Image: MRI scan of the brain after contrast injection (gadolinium) in a Standard Poodle with a meningioma - courtesy of Laurent Garosi, Davies Veterinary Specialists.


Management of epilepsy

There are a limited number of licensed treatments for the management of seizures. Current research is directed at the investigation of some novel treatments and also evaluation of optimal protocols for the use of currently available therapies.

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