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This site can help with the diagnosis and management of epilepsy, and also with the differentiation between epilepsy and other forms of seizure. This peer-reviewed information has been provided by leading neurologists in the UK.

Owner compliance is vital in the effective management of epilepsy and it is important that the family of an epileptic pet are informed and committed to treatment. This website also contains separate information areas for the owners of epileptic dogs, including printable factsheets and links to recommended sites where further information can be found.



New content ensures popularity
of epilepsy website remains strong

The canine epilepsy website is a collaborative project provided by Vetoquinol UK and Vetstream. The site contains information on canine epilepsy for both veterinary surgeons and owners of dogs that have been diagnosed with epilepsy. In a visit to the site veterinary surgeons can access the latest information on diagnosis and management of epilepsy and find contact details for veterinary neurology specialists. Recent additions to the site include information on novel anticonvulsants such as felbamate and Levetiracetam which are being used to control of epilepsy.

For the pet owner the prospect of a lifetime medical care for their pet can be a daunting prospect. This site provides advice and printable factsheets with links to epilepsy support networks, a vital part of ensuring continuing care for this chronic condition to help them care for their pet in the best way possible.


“The reason that this site has remained so popular is the high quality of information provided by some of the UK’s leading veterinary neurologists” argues Katie Dunn, Veterinary Editor for Vetstream’s information services. “It has been a privilege to work with specialists of such a high calibre in production of this site. I encourage all vets to assess the site for themselves and then to promote it to their clients as a source of clear and accurate information and support.”

This website provides the veterinarian in general practice with a complete resource for the management of canine epilepsy. Epilepsy is one of the most common neurological diseases in dogs. Estimations of incidence of the disease vary across studies (0.5 – 5%) and significant breed variations in prevalence make accurate analysis difficult. Seizures are distressing and inconvenient for the owners of epileptic pets. Additionally, early treatment of epilepsy is important since each time a seizure occurs it increases the likelihood of further seizures and cumulative brain damage. Most epileptic pets are treated with medication but up to one-third fail to improve with standard therapy. Optimising the management of the disease on an individual basis will ensure the best control of signs for every patient.